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Elaine here, welcome to
The Radiance Effect Factor course area.

Our intention is to deliver unique monumental content that will make a difference & help you create new lifestyle habits and patterns so that the wellness you seek becomes an everyday occurrence rather than a dream.

We believe everyone should live a disease-free, healthy and radiant life

This is where you will find all the training and materials you will need to lose 2-5 sizes, reduce your cravings, and increase your energy Quickly & naturally…. without giving up chocolate. We want you to get there with the least amount of hassle and confusion.

You will move into action right away, learning new skills and implementing small steps along the way that have a huge impact. As our beloved Maya Angelou taught us….

“When you know better, you do better.”

We know life can get hectic and overwhelming, so we have sprinkled our time together with simplicity, connection, joy, love, and a little bit of magic.

Throughout this course, will set personal intentions, identify missions, and generate a personalized plan to support you exactly where you are. While science is universal, you are unique.

You deserve to have a custom plan

That is why you will find some pretty amazing features throughout your experience that are all designed to help you build unstoppable momentum and recognize that you are succeeding each step of the way.

Let me take a moment to share how this works so you know what to expect and how to move forward:

You deserve to have total control over your health and wellness

The world can feel heavy at times, and we want you to be able to dance vibrantly and youthfully, in your own unique style.

This is my dream for you.

With Love and Gratitude Elaine Love heart icon Let the journey begin!

Radiance Effect Factor

The Radiance Effect Factor a core foundational curriculum that is part of the Ultimate Rejuvenation Formula exclusive umbrella and the Extraordinary Living Made East Method.

Eating for Radiance is the first pillar.


We invite you to join the FB Group.

Participant sharing, tips, fun meals, outings and ideas.

Here you can post questions.

This beautiful community of passionate caring women create a group well beyond the scope of the program.

Live Gatherings

Weekly gatherings are held on Zoom each Tuesday 2 PM ET

Our most successful clients tune in to our weekly live trainings and workshops each & every week.

3 VIP Radiance Calls

To provide you with extra accountability and support, you have a bonus of three private calls during your program cycle.

When you go to the booking page, select Radiance Effect Calls section. Schedule the appropriate option that coordinates with your curriculum modules.

Radiance Welcome Call. Module 1-2.

Radiance Journey Call. Module 3-6

Radiance Reflection Call. Module 7-8

Support Channels

Feeling stuck? Let’s fix that! Use our client support channels to get back into momentum in your business.

We encourage you to use your support channels to maintain focus on your healing journey